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Special Events

Do you desire something different and unique for your family reunion, off-road races, company outings or any other special event? We can take unique group or individual photos or videos from a fast moving highly agile aircraft and turn those images into a lasting memory! Let us help take your next event to the next level - unforgettable, that is! Any event can benefit from our unique aerial vantage point.

Construction Monitoring

With our unique aerial systems, we are able to capture images of large scale commercial properties from ground level to 400' in altitude. This allows for a complete view of your project. Most of our current clients want specific height photos of high quality. We can provide that! 

Cinema and video projects

Are you in need of a movie project for your business, school project, or a vacation retreat? SkyBlue can capture stunning aerial video in any resolution from 720P up to 4K and at speeds from 24 frames to 120 frames per second. SkyBlue can also edit your video into a final production and host the video online for download/streaming. If you can imagine it - We can do it!

Business Marketing

SkyBlue can take unique photos and video of your real estate listing. Does your business want to showcase an event? SkyBlue can create a fully edited video production or virtual tour of your property or event. We can host the video or provide it to you via the service of your choice.